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A typically hard day at the Monaco office as first rain interrupts play and the streets of Monte Carlo pose a tough traffic challenge

The Race, Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2016
Sunday 29 May, Circuit de Monaco
Pascal MRT05-03 P14 1:20.372
Rio MRT05-01 P15 1:19.868

Pascal Wehrlein:
“Today was quite tough to be honest. Early on in the race, with the track staying quite
wet, we decided to stay out on the extreme tyre and run longer. With other cars pitting
earlier onto the Inters, we had track position and when we did stop we actually managed
to jump some cars. So that strategy worked perfectly. We were able to keep the Haas
behind until the chequered flag but with the penalties the race got away from us and we
dropped behind. It’s disappointing, but going into the race 14th might have looked like a
good result. It’s been a challenging weekend but also very exciting to be racing in
Monaco for the first time and disappointments aside I have really enjoyed the

Rio Haryanto:
“A difficult race today. Obviously the first part was quite tricky for everyone with the wet
conditions but actually when the race got underway I was able to keep pace; the first two
stints were okay for me. Then, towards the end, there was a lot of traffic and under the
blue flags I was struggling to keep temperature in the tyres, so I was losing lap time.
Although it’s been a tough day, it has also been a real privilege to race in my first Monaco
Grand Prix. Now we look forward to Canada, which is a track that should suit us better.”

Dave Ryan, Racing Director:
“At the end of a weekend that has seen so many incidents up and down the field, on the
face of it two cars home in 14th and 15th position is not a bad result. It was quite a tough
race for us with the wet start and typical Monaco traffic challenges making it very
difficult to maintain the momentum that we started the race with. Both drivers did a
good job in their debut here and though you always hope that some of the attrition can
lead to a better result, they did manage to keep their noses clean and take the
chequered flag. So, we look forward to Canada now; a different kind of challenge and
one that we hope may play to our advantage slightly more.”

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